Our Customized Offerings

Leadership Coaching   We focus on partnering with senior level clients, who are committed to growth and sustainable shifts. Our 1-to-1 packages are typically a minimum of 6 months long and include face to face or virtual sessions, assessments, 3-way conversations with sponsors, and optional shadow coaching. [ Read More ]
Top Team Coaching   We create custom design interventions to support Top Teams in becoming the most effective they can. Our Top Team packages are typically a minimum of 6 months long and include a combination of individual and team work. Drawing on our rich pool of experiences and expertise, we offer clients the possibility of engaging multiple coaches in the process. This enables clients to experience different styles and address specific development needs in the most effective manner. [ Read More ]
Strategic Group & Team Interventions   We co-create custom design interventions with clients, integrating a wide range of offerings, such as: assessments & surveys, role plays, simulations, skills practice sessions, experiential learning, and a variety of large group facilitation techniques (e.g., World Café, Open Space Technology, Action Learning). [ Read More ]
Mentor Coaching & Coaching Supervision   We offer Coaching Supervision and Mentor Coaching for internal coaches to support organizations in developing sustainable internal capacities. Coaching Supervision and Mentor Coaching (for ICF Credentialing) is offered both in 1-to-1 and group setup. [ Read More ]
Unique Interventions for Leadership Teams & Individuals   We invite clients to experience unique activities that can expand concepts of leadership. For example, Equine-Assisted Leadership Coaching, team cooking activities, Dragon Boat Racing, and more.