Donald J.Huse

T: +65 9117 4890
  Donald J.Huse
Leadership Coach and Facilitator

Don is an experienced executive coach who has worked with leaders for over ten years in business and government organizations throughout Asia. He coaches his clients to strengthen their effectiveness as leaders and managers, in particular focusing on how each client can optimize the impact he/she has on others. He focuses on such behaviors as influencing, persuading, clarifying, coaching, motivating and networking. Recent coaching clients include executives from public sector ministries, agencies and global organizations; and such private sector industries as petrochemicals, biotech, industrial products, consumer products, and finance.

His methodology is a pragmatic results-based and solutions-focused approach, initially seeking to raise awareness on the client's impact on his environment and then working together to strengthen those key leadership skills that are most relevant for effectiveness.

Don has been certified in his coaching as ACC by the ICF. He earned his Bachelor's degree from Stanford University and a Masters from Johns Hopkins University. He has been a resident of East and Southeast Asia for over 40 years, where the cross-cultural working and living experiences have been the source of great learning and satisfaction. He is a US citizen and a permanent resident of Singapore.